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Doma a Distancia 

One-on-one professional online training at the tip of your fingers!


Our goal is to give access to riders who do not necessarily have access to professional training, a chance to have advices and help from a professional. We understand that ridding is a big occupation and a time consuming passion, and with our daily busy life ridders do not always have the time to seek professional training. Whether you have your horse at home or in an equestrian facility, we welcome all types of riders to send us their videos. We can help on any level: basic ground work, high level dressage, or any other problem you might encounter with your dressage career.

This is a unique concept and it is our pleasure to introduce it!

How it Works:

1- Take a video of your horse and you doing any exercises you want to excel in or any problems you wish to fix.

2- Subscribe to one of our 3 plans. 

3- We will send you a link for you to send your video

4- We will watch it and respond to you by video with professional advices.

Languages offered: Spanish, French, or English

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